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Residential Electrical Services

Delaware, Ohio Residential electricians
When it comes to your home, how do you know who to trust? Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to tackle your issues quickly and professionally. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.

Our team of professional electricians will treat your home like it’s their own.

Experienced Ohio Electricians
Your Home, Your Investment

Let our skilled team go to work for you! Thinking about upgrading your electrical service? Time to migrate to energy efficient LED lighting? Getting ready to sell and need to make improvements? Loss of power or circuit not working? Whatever the case our team is here and ready.

Service Entrance

Is your electric service too small or in need of repair? Thinking about upgrading from a 100Amp to a 200Amp service? Is your electric panel outdated? We can handle that and we're here to help!

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Security Lighting

If your security light is Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, or Mercury Vapor your spending to much money! We have the equipment to change your home security lighting to energy efficient LED lighting so you can start saving today!

Data Jacks

In today's world with working and learning from home, the power of the internet is a must! If your wifi isn't keeping up you may consider structured cabling throughout your house. Doing this allows you to plug directly into your computer allowing for a faster connection.


Tripping breakers, outlets not working, lights flickering? Let our skilled technicians get to work and get to the source of your problems.

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Interior Lighting

Do you have out dated incandescent light bulbs in your can lights? Talk to us about installing energy efficent LED retrofit can lights and start saving money today!

Backup Generators

Ohio weather is unpredictable and severe weather can come out of now where. Make sure your home and family are protected with a stand by back up generator.

Mt. Vernon Residential Electrical Services
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