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Signs you need an electrician in Marion for an electrical panel
May 3, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A dangerous high voltage sign on a breaker box.

A malfunctioning electrical panel has consequences on your entire electrical system and every aspect of your home life. If you suspect you have a faulty electrical panel, calling an electrician in Marion, Ohio, is imperative. At Cogburn Electric, we’ve proudly served our community with premier electrician services since 1975. We always go above and beyond and emphasize continuous improvement, integrity, compassion, and respect to create the best environments for customers.

Here are signs you have an unsafe electrical panel:

Light problems

A sign you need an electrician in Marion, Ohio, for an unsafe electrical panel is constantly dimming lights.

The most common cause is a faulty electrical panel. Ultimately, this results from lights receiving too little voltage. Also, if your lights flicker frequently or almost every time you turn them on, especially in ideal weather, you likely have a malfunctioning electrical system.

The entire electrical panel is often culpable, and this is often the symptom of larger electrical issues and hazards that require immediate attention. Flickering lights when using appliances signifies you are using more electricity than your panel can handle safely.

Still, your light system connects to more than bulbs. Another sign of faulty electrical panels is electrical shocks, no matter how minor, when touching light switches. If your electrical system exhibits these symptoms, contacting an electrician is imperative.

For the premier electrical contractor solutions, at Cogburn Electric, we guarantee to have your system back working and in tip-top shape.

Tripping breakers

One of the most common signs you need an electrician in Marion, Ohio, for a faulty electrical panel is if your circuit breaker frequently trips.

Eventually, circuit breakers trip, and resetting the lever is an easy fix. However, if it trips regularly, this signals a deeper issue. When assessing what is causing this, evaluate your breaker's lifespan. Typically, circuit breakers last for 30 to 40 years.

We advise you to replace electrical panels in their 30th year to ensure optimal performance and safety. Still, if your breaker trips regardless of what appliance you turn on, call an electrician because it can no longer deliver power to low-power or power-hungry gadgets.

More importantly, this is a severe hazard. Fortunately, at Cogburn Electric, we’ve delivered unrivaled electrician services since 1975. Our passion is helping people like you.

Breaker smells and sounds

Another sign you need to call an electrician in Marion, Ohio, to service your electrical panel is a burnt-like odor.

These smells can signal melted insulation or wiring, and if the smell intensifies, it’s likely time to replace your entire electrical panel. Moreover, investigating any odor emanating from your box is essential as it can also signal rust and corrosion on the panel.

Rust is a sign of water infiltration, and water mixing with electricity is a severe hazard. Expect to replace the electrical panel in this situation. However, be vigilant for hissing or crackling sounds, too.

If you hear a loud hissing, crackling, or popping sound, as opposed to the standard humming, emanating from your breaker, this may be a symptom of a faulty breaker and could signal an imminent panel malfunction, which is a fire hazard.

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If you are dealing with an unsafe electrical panel, always contact an electrician in Marion, Ohio, to remediate the issue. Failing to act quickly can result in costly property damage, and it can even pose a severe fire hazard to you and your loved ones. Fortunately, at Cogburn Electric, we have been the premier electrical contractors since 1975, and we operate with the utmost respect, integrity, and efficiency. More importantly, we are continuously refining our processes and skills to benefit our cherished customers. We always go above and beyond for our community. Get in touch now for the leading electrician services!