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Delaware, Ohio electrician explains what's involved in making a smart home
February 8, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Illustration of smart home technolgies controlled from a tablet

Smart homes are all the rage now. From the lighting to the air-conditioning system, even to the garage doors, nearly every aspect of your home can be connected to the internet and controlled remotely.

However, for many homeowners, setting up a smart home can be complex. Some don’t even know where to start, especially with so many smart home features readily available.

This quick guide can help you sort through the jumble and get yourself set to convert your house into a smart home.

What is a smart home?

It’s a house that is equipped with smart technologies to anticipate your needs, empower you, and automate certain repetitive tasks.

Putting it all together is not always a straightforward endeavor, especially for smart features that require hardware installation. With the right setup, however, a smart home can streamline various aspects of your everyday life and add real convenience.

What do you need to get started on a smart home?

There are three main things necessary to make a home smart:

  • Strong, uninterrupted home internet connection
  • Smart devices, such as a tablet or smartphone, or even a speaker-enabled smart TV
  • Smart home assistant gadget

These gadgets typically come with voice-command features so you can just tell the device what to do — ‘turn on the lights,’ ‘play music,’ close the blinds,’ and so on. Popular voice assistants for smart home gadgets include Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Bixby (Samsung), and Google Assistant.

You can also use your smartphone to control the home assistant device. Download the app and control various aspects of your home from there.

We have had smart devices for a few decades. Plus, our internet connections are stronger than before. It was only a matter of time until someone thought of using these technologies to make a home smart.

Getting your house ready for conversion into a smart home

Smart homes depend on electricity. That’s why before making the switch, it’s important to talk to an electrician about it. The wiring within the house needs to be able to handle the additional load from the smart home appliances. More importantly, it needs to be certified safe. Poor wiring coupled with dozens of electrical devices is a hazard waiting to happen.

With increased electricity consumption comes slightly higher energy bills. An electrician can help you select energy-efficient devices that work best based on your home’s electrical system.

Some smart devices also require specialized installation. For instance, if you wanted to install a smart HVAC system so your home’s heating and cooling is automatically regulated, you’d need a professional electrician to get the job done.

What are some examples of smart home technologies?

The list of smart home technologies grows longer by the day. Nearly every aspect of home living where technology can simplify has a smart home alternative. The most common include

Smart home security

Everything from phone-controlled CCTV cameras equipped with motion sensors to smart door lock systems that require your voice command or thumbprint to unlock.

Smart light


Imagine being able to control the brightness, color, and intensity of any room in your home — from your smartphone. Some lighting systems are programmable so they automatically turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you exit so electricity is not wasted.

Smart entertainment system

Smart TVs, smart speakers, smart remote controllers… basically anything that makes it easier to use your home entertainment system.

Smart kitchen appliances

These include smart refrigerators that can notify if items stored inside are nearing expiration, smart coffee makers that brew a fresh pot at a preprogrammed time every day, and even smart cookers that automate your cooking processes.

Need an electrician in Delaware, Ohio to help turn your house into a smart home?

Our team of professional electricians at Cogburn Electric is standing by to help you achieve the smart home of your dreams. We offer a wide selection of residential electric services, including LED lighting installations, IR thermography, power distribution upgrades, controls and automation device installations, and more.

We also provide 24-hr emergency services. If you need help with your home’s electrical system, simply contact us any time of the day and we’ll send over our licensed Delaware, Ohio electricians to come take a look.

Cogburn Electric serves residential and commercial properties across Ohio, including Marion, Delaware, Kenton, Mt. Vernon, and Upper Sandusky.

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