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Cogburn’s guide: 3 benefits of residential LED lighting
March 10, 2022 at 8:00 AM
A string of LED lights.

There are more lighting options than ever before, and choosing the right system is difficult. Fortunately, the answer is easy, and it is not very close. Residential LED lighting is in a league of its own. However, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of LED lighting systems to realize the value they add. At Cogburn Electric, we’re here to help. As the premier electrical contractors, we’re committed to serving our community in every way we can.

Here are 3 benefits of home LED lighting:

Longer lifespan

A major benefit of residential LED lighting is longevity. Quality LED lights can last over 10 years, which has significant benefits for you and the environment.

Firstly, people often discard lamps and other fixtures, creating significantly more pollution. Moreover, traditional lighting sources are more sensitive and prone to breaking or failing under extreme conditions.

LED fixtures are designed to endure vibrations, wind, drops, shocks, and even extreme drops and rises in temperatures. Even better, they have heat diffusers and accurate electronic power supplies, which effectively eliminate overheating issues.

While LED lifespans vary depending on the quality and operating schedules, they unequivocally last longer. On average, incandescent bulbs last between 1,000 and 2,500 hours, CFL bulbs between 6,000 and 15,000 hours, and LED bulbs between 25,000 and 50,000 hours.

If you’re interested in LED lighting, at Cogburn Electric, we’re an unmatched provider that can ensure you get the perfect system for your home.

Energy and cost-efficiency

Residential LED lighting is also more energy and cost-efficient. LEDs boast a higher lumen output per watt, which enables them to convert approximately 70% of their energy into light.

Conventional bulbs waste significant energy turning energy into heat. More importantly, because of their superior energy efficiency, LED lights are more cost-efficient. LEDs cost less to use, and many people experience energy savings from 30% to 90%.

Conventional bulbs scatter light in all directions while LEDs target lighting in a specific direction, resulting in less waste light while generating higher quality light overall. Plus, since they last longer, you save significantly more money on replacements.

If you’re interested in the most cost and energy-efficient LED lighting system, at Cogburn Electric, we can find the perfect solution for you.

They’re customizable

Lastly, residential LED lighting is the most customizable solution. Firstly, you can dictate what kind of light you want.

For example, for an office, LED lights can emit task lighting. Conversely, if you need to relax, LED lights can also emit recessed downlights. LEDs even boast more colors you can alternate between with unprecedented ease.

Moreover, LEDs produce colored lighting without using gels or filters, which burn out and fade over time. Plus, LEDs provide more control over color temperature, which yields significant health benefits and can even optimize concentration and relaxation.

Even in use, LED lights are more flexible as most are dimmable, meaning they adapt to you and your mood. Moreover, since LEDs are small, you can use them in almost any application and design.

Lastly, LED lighting can be used reliably indoors or outdoors and in virtually any environment, which means your options are limitless.

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If you are looking for long-lasting, cost and energy-efficient, and tailored lighting solutions, a residential LED lighting system is the perfect option. Fortunately, at Cogburn Electric, we are the leading electrical contractors in Marion, Sandusky, Kenton, and Vernon, and we are committed to brightening peoples’ lives through unrivaled lighting services. Get in touch now to get started!